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Crawler Work Platforms

Caterpillar platform - when it gets impassable 


Crawler or chain hoists have high off-road capability. They easily pass through difficult surfaces such as sand, gravel, mud or boulders. Wherever a platform equipped with wheels can not get any further, you are well advised with a tracked platform. A major advantage of the chain-driven trolleys is the higher traction of the tracks and an optimal weight distribution. Thus equipped, the practical all-rounder easily climbs even large slopes, always remains manoeuvrable and safely keeps the track. Our OMMELIFT tracked aerial platforms convince with rubber-armored steel chains, which have a low point load. This combination ensures that the chassis reliably advances even on muddy ground and at the same time leaves no ugly marks when crossing and driving on lanes. Even indoors, the manoeuvrable stages are perfectly used.



Articulated telescope tracked aerial platforms

Many possibilities - long range The OMMELIFT series of articulated tracked work platforms extends the application possibilities. Optimum ground clearance of the articulated arm and a large working radius of the telescope make it possible to reach work areas across obstacles. The crawler track also ensures high-grade mobility and optimum weight distribution. The supports ensure optimal positioning of the stage - up to 40% off-road.


Telescopic Crawler Work Platforms

Great coverage 

Our OMMELIFT series telescopic crawler platform is particularly suitable for work at heights. Due to the large lateral range you can do tasks that are otherwise out of reach. The crawler track also ensures high mobility and optimal weight distribution. The supports allow an optimal deployment of the stage - up to 40% off-road.

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Safe working with the tracked platform - even on sloping terrain

 An OMMELIFT work platform equipped with a tracked chassis has been specially designed to enable safe positioning even on steep terrain. The supports of the machine ensure a stable position up to a gradient of 40%. A variable support width and additional shims allow adaptation to a variety of conditions.

The narrow and compact suspension of a minimum of 0.79 meters also ensures a passage through common court entrances and archways. With a mobile platform with crawler undercarriage, you can flexibly reach everywhere and use it safely and reliably even in rough terrain. Most of our tracked platforms are equipped with a combined battery-diesel or battery-petrol combination drive, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Telescopic arm or articulated telescopic arm?

Whether a crawler platform with telescopic or articulated telescopic arm is the best solution for you depends on which areas of application you would like to use the platform for. A telescopic arm has a very high lateral reach and is also suitable for activities that are to be carried out at high altitude. Thanks to its mobility, a articulated telescopic arm gives you maximum flexibility and precision, and also makes it easy to reach hard-to-reach places. If, for example, material is to be transported effectively upwards over obstacles on construction sites with rough terrain, a crawler platform with articulated telescopic arm is the perfect helper.

Standard equipment on OMME tracked aerial work platforms

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